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Stephanie Foos
Perfect but Pills

I LOVE this color! BUT my 2 year old is really tough on these shoes and the ribbed fabric does catch and pill faster than the others I have. I'll stick to the flat fabrics for my next order.

Ashley B

The shoes are great and the shipping was so incredibly fast. Thank you!

Aqua Blue
Christy Black Nett
Love These For Warmer Weather

Love the flexibility and breathability of these. Perfect for little feet.

Denim Blue

Great shoes!!

Monster Trucks

Monster Trucks

Katherine Ingersoll

We love these shoes! We have a 1 year old and he started walking at 10 months, during his transition period these shoes have stayed on while crawling, stumbling, running, etc. He loves the shoes and we love that they are so versatile and barefoot. They work great at the park, waterpark, river, daycare, etc. I didn't want to have different shoes for different activities, seems unnecessary. Also, we live at the beach and I didn't like that most water shoes have holes in them because the sand is very hot and I didn't want scalding hot sand getting into his shoes. I love these shoes and will be purchasing a million more pairs of them as my little one grows!

Bright Orange
Minmin Ren

Very fit for my baby's feet. He like it.

Mystery Print
Minmin Ren

Mystery Print

Sarah Newlon
Love them!

We bought these shoes as first shoes for our 9 month old new walker and LOVE them. They are incredibly flexible, grippy and provide enough protection to use outside.

Sparkly Blue
Susan Hudak
Untamed Sparkly Blue TLP shoes

These are so beautiful and comfortable wearing
them at home.I bought them for building sand castles on the beach with the kids.I just wished that
they had more of a sole than soft neoprene.

Mystery Solid
Lindsey Guitar

The sizing guide was spot on! These shoes fit my petite girl like a glove. It's been really hot and there's been no complaints walking on the hot driveway and they're perfect for going into and out of the kiddie pool all day long.

Super happy with the the color selections and fit!

Katherine Ingersoll
Best Shoes Ever

I was waiting to give this review after some usage. We've been using these shoes for 2 weeks with our 11 month old (mostly walking) child. We have used these shoes for swimming, splash play, indoors, and on rocky terrain...they hold up wonderfully. These shoes stay on his feet through it all, the medical grade non slip bottom and toe protection works beautifully. The fact that these shoes don't have velcro or shoe laces is awesome. We get tons of compliments from other parents and will be purchasing many more of the shoes as our son grows older. I like that it's an all in one shoe and I don't need different shoes for different activities. I would recommend these for all parents/kids.

Sun Gold
Kathleen Boyle

My 17 month old daughter has been a sock and shoe thrower for months, and she keeps these on and even smiles and tries to help me put them on her. Love them, will be buying more.

White Gold Glitz
Kirsten Pajka
Very happy!

These shoes are excellent for my 10-month-old. She's not walking yet, but loves to crawl, climb, and pull herself up to stand. These shoes have a great amount of grip for times when going barefoot isn't ideal. Highly recommend!

Unicorn Purple
Elizabeth Brennan
New favorite shoes!

I got these for my 4 year old daughter. She loves shoes and always wants pretty shoes, but I love it when she wears shoes that are healthy for her feet. These were the perfect option for us! They are so sparkly and vibrant that she wants to wear them with all her outfits, and as soon as she put them on, she said "These are my jumping shoes!" because she found them to be so comfortable. And yes, she went jumping all over while wearing them. She wears them everywhere now, and I can rest assured that her toes are never squished or uncomfortable. Thanks TLP!!

Love love love

Bought them for my first kid and 5 years later the second is wearing them so much we had to get big kid ones for the first!!

Love them!

We have bought many many pairs and they are always the same great quality. My daughter loves her gold “princess” shoes!

Neon Green
Sarah Z.
Great Customer Service!

I ordered the wrong size, reached out and got a response within an hour! Super helpful and I was able to get a new size ordered!!

Amanda F.
Daughter loves these!

Found out about these shoes from a friend who buys them for her daughters — so glad we tried them too! My daughter loves wearing these way more than regular shoes. She likes walking barefoot but not a fan of random rocks or crunchy grass patches, and these are a great solution!

Love these! Will be ordering more!

Shiny Rose
Laurie Henderson
Perfect first shoes

Cutest shoes ever and perfect for chubby baby feet.


I ordered four pairs of these--one for each of my kids and two for myself/my husband who wear the same size shoe. My 1yo, a newly stable walker, had about a 24 hour adjustment period, but she'll tolerate and walk well in these where she would do neither in any other shoe, soft or hard sole. My 3yo LOVES being able to put them on herself and asks for them more than any other shoe, hands down. And I love keeping an adult pair in the car and one in the shoe rack for those random days when I forget to wear shoes or am just going for a quick drive/walk. I wore them to the zoo last week and definitely felt my foot/calf muscles working a lot more, since these don't have any support, but I didn't notice actual pain, which was great. We're in a part of Texas that's hot and covered in stickaburrs, so these are PERFECT. We'll be back, and I've already told like five people about them because they're AMAZING.

Denim Blue
Janin Smolen
Love our TLPs

Best shoes for developing feet. I love how fast they dry, and are washable. My babies all wear them for the first few years of life when we can’t go barefoot.

Emilie Germain
Super Comfy!

Super comfortable and pretty!

Aqua Blue
We love TLP shoes!

I bought these recently because my son needed to size up in his TLP shoes. Got the Aqua Blue and the Neon Green from the summer collection. We love TLP shoes - so easy to put on and comfortable for my 17-month-old. We plan to continue to repurchase as he grows. Thank you for such a great product!