About TLP Shoes


TLP Shoes were originally designed for young babies who were transitioning from the crawling to walking stages. These shoes allow them the flexibility and freedom to grip naturally with their toes as they learn to balance! As time went on and the brand became more popular, customers fell in love with the product and sizes have expanded to accommodate all feet in all different sizes. 

There are 3 very important features that TLP shoes offer! First of all, they are made with an elastic ankle that helps keep them from falling off. Secondly, the flexible-sole is made of a textured non-slip material which offers the best traction for a  comfortable experience in wet and/or dry conditions. Lastly, the toe reinforcement provides the shoe/material extra protection so that the fabric doesn't wear and tear as easily, while also providing extra grip for crawlers! 

 You are not just purchasing a pair of shoes. When you buy TLP Shoes, you are supporting a very hard working stay at home mom who is determined to provide each customer with not only a wonderful experience, but also a product that will definitely not disappoint! You are joining a family, making new friends, and building a lifetime bond when you become a part of the TLP Shoe community. 

 From my hand selected and/or self designed prints right down to my handcrafted tags, each pair of TLP Shoes are handmade by me (Ashly) right out of my home with so much love.

 All materials used to make these shoes are CPSC compliant so rest assured they are safe for you and your baby to wear!

Thank you for supporting a SAHM. Thank you for shopping. Thank you for purchasing. Thank you for sharing and expanding my brand!