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Please check this box if you have viewed the TLP Sizing guide and understand that sizes are unique to the TLP brand and are not the same as standard shoe sizes.
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TLP Shoes take barefoot to the next level! These shoes are beautiful, stretchy and very lightweight. They offer a soft, thin, quick-dry, antimicrobial, breathable inner lining and sizes 2+ come with a thin padded heat resistant insole. With the perfect amount of traction, they truly have it all. They are meant for everyday use indoors, moderate use outdoors, the beach, and for splash play! They are designed with materials that dry quickly (in the sun, with a blow dryer, or on a low heat dryer cycle setting).


***PLEASE NOTE- Size 1 DOES NOT come with padded heat resistant insole, non-slip sole, or reinforced toe. Sizes 2+ come with padded heat resistant insole, non-slip sole, and reinforced toe*****

 ***Please follow my sizing guide to get correct measurements- sizes are unique to the brand and are not the same as standard size hard sole shoes***


Baby Sizes: 1-2 

Toddler Sizes: 3-8

Big Kid Sizes: 9-13

Adult Sizes: 14-19


Lycra, Polyester, Medical Grade Non-Slip material

Product safety is extremely important and therefore all materials used were very carefully considered during product development. All materials used are CPSC compliant; rest assured they are safe to wear! The textured outer soles offer incredible traction in both wet and dry conditions. 


Hand wash with a gentle detergent then ring out excess water and air dry. You may also safely wash and dry on low cycle settings. It is recommended to rinse shoes after splash play and lay them out in the sun for 1-2 hours to air dry.


Currently accepting debit, all major credit cards, and Paypal.


Products are shipped to the address entered at checkout. Please carefully review your address before placing your order, as address change requests after an order is placed cannot always be adjusted in time. If the address entered is incorrect or returned due to incorrect address (NSA) the package will be reshipped at the cost of the buyer. Your order will not be refunded, you will need to purchase additional shipping to resend your order.

Return Policy:

Please understand that I cannot accept full refund returns because each pair is handmade to order, and sizing is customizable. I do work with customers to make sure they receive proper fitting shoes. Exchanges for unused/unworn shoes that do not fit properly are accepted for 30 days from the date of purchase. Photos of improper fitting shoes are required for exchanges.


Please email any questions to:

Thank you kindly for choosing and purchasing TLP Shoes!


  • TLP Shoes are soft-soled shoes made to be thin/breathable and have a lightweight flexible non-slip sole. They do not have hard soles and therefore are not intended to be worn for rugged use outdoors (biking, excessive dragging on concrete, scooters etc.). 
  • Please be cautious using any soft-sole shoe on heavy machinery, escalators, or any other rotating equipment that may cause the shoes to be entangled.
  • Both the outer non-slip sole and the inner padded sole have heat resistant properties but always be sure to use caution when wearing them on hot surfaces (90–100-degree weather can heat blacktop to upwards of 150 degrees)
  • These shoes are designed with materials that permit use during water play (splash pads, sprinklers, shallow water etc.) but are not intended to be used for active swimming. 

        Customer Reviews

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        Minmin Ren

        Mystery Print

        Sara D
        We are OBSESSED

        I ordered four pairs of these--one for each of my kids and two for myself/my husband who wear the same size shoe. My 1yo, a newly stable walker, had about a 24 hour adjustment period, but she'll tolerate and walk well in these where she would do neither in any other shoe, soft or hard sole. My 3yo LOVES being able to put them on herself and asks for them more than any other shoe, hands down. And I love keeping an adult pair in the car and one in the shoe rack for those random days when I forget to wear shoes or am just going for a quick drive/walk. I wore them to the zoo last week and definitely felt my foot/calf muscles working a lot more, since these don't have any support, but I didn't notice actual pain, which was great. We're in a part of Texas that's hot and covered in stickaburrs, so these are PERFECT. We'll be back, and I've already told like five people about them because they're AMAZING.

        D Hinkle

        I ordered a mystery print and the only comment I left was gender neutral and she sent me the pair that I hoped she would! This is my son's second pair. The quality and the service provided are top notch! We love our TLPs and recommend them every chance we get!

        Sarah C
        Beautiful, well-made shoe

        Our mystery print ended up being a beautiful golden holo. My older kids call them "wedding shoes". They protect my 9-month old's feet very well when she is crawling and cruising outside. I appreciate that the ankle elastic does not cut into her feet as some other baby shoes do. However, it's a trade off because they do tend to get pushed off of her heels and I am constantly pulling them back on. I would try another pair to see if this problem is solved when she is walking instead of crawling.

        Evan Worldwind
        Happy happy

        Love the shoes, and love incredible customer service, fast and efficient.
        Im grateful little piggies was shared with me that I will continue to pass it on. My son feet can develope in a healthy way and he is happy. Thank you!